Sigmund Freuds widerständiges Erbe.
Grenzgänge innerhalb und außerhalb
psychoanalytischer Institutionen.

Symposium anlässlich des 70sten Geburtstags
von Bernd Nitzschke

This issue is a Festschrift celebrating the 70th birthday of Bernd Nitzschke, one among Freud’s oppositional heirs. Freud himself was, however, a rebel with revolutionary theories about sexuality. In 1998, I first saw Nitzschke’s name in Die Zeit citing Freud (1911) on Paul Schreber: “The delusional formations, which we take to be the pathological product, are in reality an attempt at recovery, a process of reconstruction” (p. 71, Freud’s italics). I wrote to him, we met in 1998, became friends, and collaborated on a number of psychoanalytic projects. This review is my tribute to Bernd’s lifetime achievement as a psychoanalyst and prolific historian of psychoanalysis.

Henry Zvi Lothane, International Forum of Psychoanalysis, 2016


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